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If you get serious, you get stupid

I know, I know - it is such a controversial statement. And it may not be true in every situation, but I find that when we get serious about doing or learning something, our mind and body tends to tense up and our creativity and playfulness are curbed.

So, what is seriousness?  The dictionary defines the word serious and seriousness as “requiring much thought or work; thoughtful or subdued in appearance or manner; relating to a matter of importance; not joking or trifling, sober.”

Taking ourselves too seriously, makes us stressed and uptight; we become intolerantly perfectionistic, driven, compulsive, angry, aggressive, demanding, zealous, dogmatic, etc. Seriousness is dangerous to our peace of mind, health, and the well-being of those around you.  Seriousness can be utterly stultifying and suffocating.  So, should we never be serious?  No.  That’s not the solution.  The solution is to temper seriousness with humour; so be playfully serious. (meta-state)  

Life can be even more fun with a childlike perception and attitude. Let our earnest focused energy find our passion and fan our determination and persistence and do so with a fun-loving attitude.  Bring to our dedication the playfulness of joy so that you keep perspective and release the demandingness of being perfect. Thrive in your perfect imperfections.

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