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NLP saved my life

There were moments in my life, where I felt alone, trapped, lost and defeated. For me, it was a turbulent ride indeed. In one of my darkest moments, I happened to come across Tony Robbin's work and honestly that saved me. From that moment forth, I decided that I needed help - and that help was learning and applying NLP technology. I went to all of Tony's Program back then, thirsting to find a way to see through my anxieities, limiting beliefs and conditioning. I pursued further until I was certified as a Trainer. And then the real work began, I started training. Through training the technology, I can see the positive impact and more importantly, I have learnt so much more of myself. NLP is in my core processes, as I continue to evolve, as I continue to learn, as I continue to be curious and as I continue to be humbled. I am blessed to be able to continue to serve and be useful to the community.

So, what then is NLP?

- Nellie Amirah Lim

NLP is for the man in the street who seeks peace and forgiveness who needs to heal their wounds and wishes to let go and be free.

NLP is for the man in the street who looks for the meaning in life, who wants to find their true north, and who yearns to embrace their authentic self.

NLP is for the man in the street who aspires to live an extraordinary life who desires to make a difference in the world and who wants to enrich their lives and others.

NLP is for the man in the street who craves for more joy and laughter who pursues pleasure and happiness and who longs for nights of passionate love.

NLP is for the man in the street to do even more, to be even more, to have even more, and to live even more……

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming

a tool, a system, a structure

the Operating Systems of our mind.

My Anchor Song at UPW

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