The story of OSK is, above all else, a story of love. A story that, at its core, is about a simple idea. The simple idea that we can heal through art and garden by enriching our lives through beauty, sunshine and colours.


We have a dream, a dream that through nature, art and crafts, we can make a positive difference in the community. A dream in progress as we are now just starting our journey. A dream to empower everyone to reflect, heal and grow. 


So, we have created a safe and tranquil space for you to bask in the light, breath in nature and feel the breeze on your skin.

We wanted a sanctuary - a sanctuary where people can be themselves, to create, to learn and contribute.

our aspirations

We are all like wildflowers, growing where the wind takes us; blooming where we find a place to call our own. Our work is our expression of love and playfulness. May we bring smiles, beauty and joy in others.


Jeff Lim


Jeff is instrumental in helping with the design and set up of our very own edible garden. With a great smile and big heart, he has shared his knowledge and wisdom of the industry. 

Jeff is a man of many talents and has helped us not only in the gardens, but all the small DIY projects within OSK. A man with many tools, he is our Mr HandyMan and the go to person. :) 

If you ever want a beautifully landscaped Edible Garden, he is the man for you. 




We met Fei when we went for a Mother Day Art Jamming Session. She's very driven, bubbly and energetic. Fei founded Artesque in 2017 while still continuing to work in the corporate sector. 


Fei has always been there with a helping hand, counsel and ideas. Her energy and enthusiasm has inspired me to take actions and make magic happen.  


Michelle Lim

Artist & Art Teacher

Michelle, a family friend is a truly talented artist residing in Ipoh. Her work of art has attracted a lot of media attention during her prime with painting of Ostrich eggs. She had art studios in Penang and Ipoh teaching children and adults. 

Her street smart experiences and wisdom has helped us in our journey in the start up of OSK in sourcing and getting the different supplies. 

Currently she is teaching in Tenby International School and spends her time with Urban Sketches.


Doreen Koon

my mother

She's my inspiration. She's my heart. Everything I do at OSK is in honour of her memory.

My mother loves her garden. She will spend hours tending them with loving care. Whenever she's cleaning fresh fishes, she would save the'bloody' water and get me to water the plants with it. Her garden is the testament of old age natural farming practices. Even though she has raised us through hardship and poverty, she has the biggest heart when it comes to helping family and friends. So, in many ways, I am continuing her legacy.


I love you mummy.

William & Yilynn

the power couple

We have known William and Yilynn since the early years of GIFT and then Kembara Kitchen. They are very active in their community work, disaster relief and charity drives. Both are great influencers in the social media arena and has used their influence in making a positive difference in Malaysia. 

One thing I know about them is their integrity, honour and their willingness to reach out and help those in need.



My Children

my motivation

My children are my legacy. Nadya, Lidya, Mikhail and Raphail has always been the beacon when the going gets tough for me.

I want to be the example in their lives in making a positive impact in the community. As a mother, I believe more than anything that their participation in OSK will foster stronger bond and love.

My deepest aspiration is for them to always be kind, be humble, be compassionate, be honest, stay curious and continuously learn in life.

Love you all heaps!


James Sasi

Community Gardener

Our diva, our darling, Sasi is the life of the party. He is an active community gardener in Setia Alam and has hands-on experience in  getting people together to start an edible garden and how to whip up a great meal with the harvest.


A renowned trainer in the corporate, he definitely knows how to stir up the crowd and making learning fun and engaging. Sasi has volunteered to head the Saturday Gardening Talks. 



Tan Liang Yek


We met Mr Tan a couple years ago at the Go-Go Green event, and I was captivated by his passion for his worms through making organic fertilisers and natural pesticides. And somehow we lost touch, until recently we met again at GGG. As I was explaining what we want to do with OSK, he immediately offered us free compost and invited us to his place to learn about how to start our own vermicomposting. 


Zaqi Adnan

Grafitti Artist

He is a very talented local artist who works a lot on murals and graffiti. He has his own gang of boys who has been commissioned to do massive projects all around Malaysia. Using his talents in street art, our towns and cities are even more colourful and beautiful. We had the opportunity to see him grow from the beginning and now, a renowned and highly sought after Artist. Syabas D! 


Tel: 014- 3236213


Lot 9561, Jalan SS12/1D, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor

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