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We truly believe that art has a core role in finding and experiencing true happiness within our own lives. Art is a way in which we can express fundamentally the deeper part of what it means to be human. 


Essentially, we need art because it is a way of enriching our human experience.


An Art Space to tickle your creativity, incite your curiosity and brings you joy.




In collaboration with Silver Rowen, we have started offering various Art Workshops for both kids and adults. They offer traditional basic drawing skills, acrylic, water colors, brush pens and many other medias.  

And for the more adventurous, we have workshops on Art Expressions through hypnosis and self discovery.





The purpose of art is to create an environment of empathy, compassion, beauty and humanity. To immerse oneself in a trance state of the process helps people to heal and embrace themselves. Be joyful and be an Art Knight.

Many of of us may not be renowned artists, but our passion has truly been a beacon for many. 

We open our doors to anyone (above 18 years old only) who wants to try their hand in painting on Arty Tuesdays for Free.



A Community Project

#ArtisLove is a collective efforts of the OSK ArtKnights in gifting their Art Works to homes and shelters by creating  a cheerful and colorful environment for the residence. Art matters because it makes us feel, restore us and incite joy and curiosity within our heart.

Every first Tuesdays of the month, we come together to paint for #artislove. Each session is filled with lots of learning and laughter. 

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