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#LGW 2020

The #littleGreenWarrior program provides innovative learning opportunities for under privileged children on environmental awareness and sustainability. 

Amidst the challenging Covid-19 Pandemic, it is vital that Homes cultivate the habits of sustainability and self reliance more than ever. #LGW Projects helps these Homes through designing, building and teaching them how to grow their own food. Essentially, we aspire to educate the children on how to reduce their carbon footprint through composting and tending to their own garden. The benefits are multifold, the children now have a chance to enjoy purposeful  play outside daily instead of being cooped up inside all day.

  "OSK Garden of Hope' for Rumah Charis is a collective efforts of OSkians from raising funds, sponsorships, growing seedlings, gifting plants and volunteering. 

Making a positive impact in the community

behind the scene

The key mission of OSK is in engaging and involving the community to take active participation in making a positive impact for the less fortunate.

We are proud to have

  • over 50 OSK Green Warriors who were actively growing and planting seedlings for the #LGW Project. 

  • OSK Art Knights raising funds by selling their Art. Check it out here 

  • OSKians who sold handmade jewellery, soaps, cookies, meals, etc. to raise funds

These collective efforts provide the OSKians an opportunity to be involved in a good cause that gives an even deeper purpose and meaning to do the things they love. The joy, fellowship and generosity are heartfelt contributions in creating a ripple effect of love and hope during these unprecedented times. Thank You OSKians!

“Helping and contributing while doing what you love most” 


Teamwork makes the Dream work

#LGW2020 Project was completed in just 4 days from 20th-23rd November 2020 amidst challenging weather conditions. The commitment and passion of the Team is awe inspiring as we got creative in how to get things done. It was fun, fulfilling, laced with lots of laughter and joy.  We are indeed blessed to have Jeff and Mikhail working seamlessly together in this project.

The Garden of Hope consists of 10 large vegetable beds with trellis, 5 Herb beds, 5 vermi-compositing bins  stations, 1 mulch bin, with over 100 fruit trees and scrubs planted, 1 chicken tractor coop complete with a rooster and 2 eggs laying hens, a tent for garden supplies and beautiful gravel walkways . 

Jeff Lim.jpg
Jeff Lim

Sejati Landscape

A well established Landscaper, Jeff lend his expertise in building the Garden of Hope. His valuable inputs helps us get things done effectively.

Tan Liang yek.jpg

Growing Bean

Tan has sponsored the Worms for Rumah Charis to setup their own vermi-composting farm.

Mik & Chin


Mikhail is instrumental to the entire design and building of the Garden Hope. He is passionate about optimizing how the plants can thrive.

William &Yilyn

Budget Works Prod

William and Yilyn has taken time off their busy schedule to put together a video for #LGW. 

Au Yong


Au Yong is a great supporter to our cause and has pledge a year's supply of CrikaPoo, a very effective Organic fertiliser for Rumah Charis.



All the beautiful illustrations, artwork and the #LGW Workbook for the Project is done by Nadya.

Learning how to care for the garden is the vital key to the success of the Project.

We have designed the handover through a series of experiential learning activities that's fun and engaging.

It was a memorable experience for all of us as we absorb the children's enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity. 

“Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning.” 

The ChilDREN

Watch more video clips


The Garden of Hope

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