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 OSK Ambassadors

OSK Ambassadors are the pillars of OSK's Community Driven Projects. Each one of them plays a critical role in the success of each projects undertaken by OSK.



She is the heart of 
our Community Work. 

She will relentlessly source for the right fit beneficiaries and coordinates the projects with the Homes & Shelters.


Mama Cindy

Mama as she is fondly known, is one of our greatest supporter and fund raiser for the Community Projects.

Her energetic and bubbly personality infuse love and laughter everywhere.



An avid gardener and nature lover, she is our Guardian, vigilant and fair.


We call her the "Plant Rescuer". 
She rescues plants from all over. 
She's enthusiastic in helping with the Plant Exchanges and volunteers at OSK Garden regularly.  

Marble Surface

OSK Premium Partners

OSK Premium Partners are the foundation of our Community Driven Projects. They are gracious and sincere in all their contributions and efforts. So, do support their business.


Jeff Lim


Jeff is instrumental in helping with the design and set up of our very own edible garden. With a great smile and big heart, he has shared his knowledge and wisdom of the industry. 

Jeff is a man of many talents and has helped us not only in the gardens, but all the small DIY projects within OSK. A man with many tools, he is our Mr HandyMan and the go to person. :) 

If you ever want a beautifully landscaped Garden,
he is the man for you. 

TEL:+60 19-778 7340


Silver Rowen

the Art Studio

Our in-house Artists, Nadya and Pinky started their Art Studio to provide art workshops for those who wants to improve their drawing and painting skills with different mediums. 

Their workshops are fun filled with loads of new exciting ways to explore and discover. Presently, they offer workshops for both kids and adults. 

TEL: +60 12-413 6213



Bringing Agroforestry
to Urban Gardens

Mikhail, even as a young boy loves nature, getting his hands into the soil and enjoys the outdoors immensely. His insatiable curiosity, nature loving and hands-on personality has propelled him into starting his own nursery. 

He grows hundreds of varieties of edible, medicinal and useful plants which are 100% natural  and organic for the home garden, apartment balcony, homestead and even food forests. He can help you design and build a regenerative, species diverse and sustainable Edible Garden.


TEL:+60 12-409 6213

Visit their fB Page


Au Yong

Cricket Frass

Au Yong came to one of our gardening workshops and offered for us to try out his CricketPoo. He left plenty of samples and the results and effectiveness was phenomenal. What we love about it is that its organic and odourless.  


Since then, many OSK Green Warriors who were using them were totally happy with the results. Today, Au Yong became a friend of OSK as he sponsors many many bags of CricketPoo to all our growers and the Homes we are working with. We enjoy his sense of humour in our WhatsApp group. Thankyou Au Yong for believing in what we do and in all the contributions.

TEL: +60 12-636 8166

tan worm.jpg

Tan Liang Yek


We met Mr Tan a couple years ago at the Go-Go Green event, and I was captivated by his passion for his worms through making organic fertilisers and natural pesticides. And somehow we lost touch, until recently we met again at GGG. As I was explaining what we want to do with OSK, he immediately offered us free compost and invited us to his place to learn about how to start our own vermicomposting. 

TEL:+60 13-888 2733


Soo Hoo

NLP Certified Trainer

Soo Hoo has been a great supporter of OSK and our efforts in making a positive difference. Soo Hoo conducts most of his NLP workshops and Meet up Sessions at OSK.


The NLP Technology helps people to better understand themselves, eliminate limiting beliefs and a provides a structure for success.

NLP and hypnosis gives us the tools and skill sets to how we can live an even more empowered life.

TEL:+60 19-409 1161



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