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All is well

Of all the cliche movies I've watched, the 3 Idiots always comes to mind. I highly recommend it. Our entire family watched this movie last CNY again. There are so many life's lessons there, simple and down to earth.

Here's a few lessons I got out of the movie:

  • Even if our intentions are in the right place, we can still hurt others in ways we can never imagine. So, it's even more important to focus on being kind.

  • Most of the time, our minds complicate the simplest things. It reminds me to take a deep breath, centre my self and look with renewed eyes when faced with daunting problems and challenges. Throw away all that I know, and open my mind to creativity and chaos. Learning is everywhere and everyone I meet is a lesson.

  • As always, the heart will prevail. Time will always find a way to reveal the truth.

  • To allow the world to take her own paces. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, nervous or uncertain, I will tap my heart 3x and say, 'All is well". Everything will fall into place as it should be. Embracing what is and makes the most of it. Works wonders for me, I don't stress much now.

  • Whenever, I feel lost, as I sometimes do, I take time to connect with what I love doing and my passions. I think its so important that we take time on things that ignite our souls. Yes, understandably not all of us have the luxury to earn a living from what we love doing. But it is equally important to earn a living doing what we don't hate. (if that makes sense) Now, that I'm retired, I choose to do the things I love and using that passion in contributing to others.

Last but not least, I've learnt to laugh at myself even more. I surround myself with like minded people who laughs along with me - Precious friendships and fellowships that grows me as a person. So, thankyou to all OSKians who has sparkled laughs and joy in our lives.

Do enjoy the movie.

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