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Little Green Warriors #LGW 2019

Making a positive impact in the community

The #littleGreenWarrior program provides innovative learning opportunities for under privileged children on environmental awareness and sustainability. 

 "OSK Garden of Hope'  was launched in 2019  with a 2 prong approach:

- teaching the kids from homes or shelters on basic gardening skills.

- getting them started by designing, building and starting an Edible Garden in their premise. 

Through the good work of volunteers (OSK Green Warriors) and sponsors, we worked with 5 homes: House of Joy, Sweet Care Home, Rumah Victory, Rumah Kebajikan Ummi and SJK (T) Ldg Kerling.

#LGW Project is successful because of the collective efforts of OSK Ambassadors, Green Warriors and Growers. 


Thank You to all our many gracious Sponsors too:


Dr Chew Boon Hock, retired scientist and author of "Grow Your Own Vegetables" as a Special Advisor

HanKidz coaches for the fun filled assistance with the kids


Gardenia Malaysia,

our favourite Bread

for the Snacks & Breakfast


for the meals buffet for the kids

Tools & Such

Jeff Lim in transplanting

Mr Ho Min Khang and his BNI friends for all the gardening tools

Mr Tan, Growing Beans for the Vermicompost fertiliser 

Creative Works

Budget Works Production for the Videography

Nadya, RedSemut for the Workbook designs and DTP

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