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Thai Basil


aka O. basilicum var. thyrsiflora, Siam Queen , anise basil, licorice basil


Propagate : cuttings , seedings

Light : Sunny

Water : Once or twice a day

Soil : good drainage

Fertilizer : twice a month


Maintaining health of skin : The oil derived from Thai Basil has been known to be very effective in treating issues such as skin breakout and or acne.

Helps in Curing the Issues of PMS: Thai Basil has been known to be an excellent source of iron and therefore a cup of fresh basil leaves will cure symptoms related to PMS. This herb has also been known to replenish the levels of iron lost during menstruation.

Helps in Detoxification of the body : Consuming the paste made out of the leaves of basil have been known to have detoxification effects.

Helps Cure Numerous Common Disease : Consuming the juice of Thai Basil has been known to be effective in treating issues such as common cold, cough etc. It also helps the rashes associated with disease such as chicken pox to appear quickly.

Helps in Maintaining the Health of Teeth : Basil leaves when dried and then grinded into a powder forms a fine paste which is utilised for treatment of numerous oral issues. It prevents development of bacteria while at the same time cures issues such as foul breath or smell.

Helps in Curing Headaches : Boiling the leaves of basil in quart of water and then consuming it has been known to relieve pain from headaches.

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