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aka Mentha balsamea Wild


Propagate : Cuttings

Light : shady sun

Water : twice a day

Soil : good drainage

Fertilizer : twice a month


Improves Liver Function : Want healthy and proper functioning of the liver? Opt for the evergreen and tasty peppermint leaves in any form—chewing peppermint leaves raw is also an option.

Treatment Of Seasonal Fever : Eating peppermint tea or adding it to a bath can help in bringing down fever gently without medicine and any adverse effect on the body’s ability to fight illness.

Peppermint Promotes Respiratory Health : You can breathe easy knowing that peppermint supports lung health and respiratory function. Peppermint may even boost lung function during exercise. Consumption of peppermint-infused mineral water lead to a measurable increase in respiratory rate and running performance — likely due to increased oxygen concentration and decreased blood lactate levels.

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