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Limau Kasturi


aka calamansi , calamondin, philippine lime


Propagate: seedings , marcotting

Light: sunny

Water: once a day

Soil: good drainage

Fertilizer: twice a month


Rich in vitamins : The musk of the fruits is loaded with Vitamin C, E and A. Vitamin C helps to prevent the diseases and canker sores. Vitamin A helps to maintain eye health. It is rich in potassium as well which helps to function the organs properly, maintains blood pressure and contraction bibs. Vitamin E helps to maintain the healthy skin.

Maintaining skin health : Due to the presence of high antioxidants, it helps to eliminate the free radicals and protects skin from air pollution. The presence of AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid) which is found in the fruit skin musk helps in skin rejuvenation and speeds up the dead skin cells exfoliation.

Preventing cancer : Musk of the Kasturi fruit helps to prevent from cancer. The Kasturi fruit also possess the compounds such as astragalin, kuersentin, gallic acid, filsetin and metilgallat.

Increase in appetite : The sour taste is derived from the Khususnyaa citric acid in the fruit musk. The combination of sweet and sour taste helps to trigger the appetite increased.

Safe for the Hypertension patients : Kasturi possess the minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, selemium, iron, phosphorus, copper and manganese. In comparison to the vitamin levels, the presence of mineral is less. The ratio of the potassium and sodium is found in lower amounts. This makes the consumption of Kasturi fruit safe for the high blood pressure patients.

Sources of Energy : The carbohydrates are present in the form of starch, cellulose and sugars such as fructose, glucose in Kasturi fruit. The sugar which is found in fruits helps to provide energy which is utilized directly by the body.

Protect the digestive tract : The natural fiber which is found in the Kasturi fruit helps to protect the digestive tract.

Improve the immune system : The consumption of Kasturi fruit helps to boost the immunity as it is loaded with vitamins and carotenoids.

Optimize eye health : The musk is rich in carotene and the flesh of the fruit is orange in color. The presence of Vitamin A and carotene helps to enhance the eye health.

Lowering cholesterol level : The presence of bad cholesterol in huge amounts affects the heart health and liver. The musk of the fruit helps to reduce the bad cholesterol.

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