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Lactobacillus Serum

Lactobacillus is a facultive anaerobe which are extremely useful to us for it's ability to ferment and decompose a wide variety of matter.

Lactobacillus is a food-safe microbe that’s used to make yogurt, pickles, and other fermented foods. Sometimes, food processors also use Lactobacillus as a sanitizer. When added to either a liquid or solid that contains some type of sugar, Lactobacillus consume and digest the sugar, then excrete lactic acid as a metabolite or byproduct.

These microbes not only do no harm, but they’re also as good for you as they are for your plants. You have lactic acid bacteria of your own that live in your digestive tract.


▪ For your garden growing needs

  • The microbes will help cycle the nutrients in the soil making them more available to the plant.

  • Hijou Lactobacillus Serum prevents disease by suppressing multiple types of bad fungi and bacteria. They suppress disease and perform growth-regulatory effects on fungi, yeast and other bacteria.

  • Adding Hijou Lactobacillus Serum to the soil will increase its overall fertility, giving it more life, in turn breaking down added firtilisers like manure faster and promoting quicker plant absorption.

  • Add 10ml to 1 litre of dechlorinated water and water your plants 3 hours within sunrise or sunset twice a month for best results.

You can use Hijou Lactobacillus Serum as a foliar spray. Infact, it's a preferred method to some. Add 10ml to 1 litre of dechlorinated water and spray over the whole plant and the surface of the soil. Spray your plants 3 hours within sunrise or sunset twice a week for best results.

▪ For efficient composting

  •  The Lactobacillus will speed up decomposition and start to cycle the nutrients. Compost can be potentially ready in just 21 days!

  • Add your Hijou Lactobacillus Serum to compost, 30ml per litre of dechlorinated water and damp down every time you add to the compost pile or as you're layering up. Mix and stir as you would in most composting.

Hijou Lactobacillus Serum can be used for Bokashi composting. It eliminates the need to buy bran for your indoor composting.

▪ Using it as an odour neutraliser if you happen to keep chickens etc

  • Lactobacillus is an effective odour neutraliser as it breaks down and denitrify organic matter.

  • It's very useful when you have a flock of poultry or smelly compost especially if you want happy neighbours.

  • It also substantially reduces the risk of diseases in raising poultry.

  • Dilute 30ml of Hijou Lactobacillus Serum into 1 litre of dechlorinated water and spray over chicken coops, chicken compost runs, over conventional compost and anywhere affected by smell. Give the bacteria some time to work to knock down the smell. Best repeated 3 times a week for recurring areas like chicken coops.

▪ Using it to ferment and break down vegetative/plant matter without the smell, and more importantly, without the risk of culturing the bad anaerobic bacteria

  • Lactobacillus is useful when it comes to "predigesting" specific things for your plants like fruits, comfrey, seaweed, and so on. Imagine if you could 'pre-digest' the nutrients held within the fruits, making the non soluble elements readily available the second you use it.

  • Hijou Lactobacillus Serum will give you the ability to unlock nutrients from organic matter like fruits, making it readily available for your plants to absorb.

  • This enables you to brew your very own concoctions of effective firtilisers at home.

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