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Scientific name: Aphidoidea

Most edible gardens would have experienced the infestation of Aphids. There are many varieties of Aphids, green ones, brown ones, urggggh. LOL and like all pests, they MULTIPLY very quickly.

Aphids damage a huge variety of host plants by sucking the juices from leaves and stems, causing discolouration, leaf curling, yellowing, and stunted growth. Large infestations can produce a sticky, sugary waste product known as honeydew. Honeydew can attract ants, and fuel the growth of fungus on plant surfaces. Aphids can also transmit plant viruses, injecting them into the plant as they feed. These viruses can cause molting, yellowing, or poor yields in various garden vegetables and ornamentals. In an aphid's average lifetime of one month, they can produce 40-85 offspring. Some aphids have wings; some do not.