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aka Allium schoenoprasum


Propagate : seedings

Light : sunny

Water : once a day

Soil: good drainage

Fertilizer: twice a month


Promote healthy hair : Chive juice is effective in enhancing hair growth, preventing the unnecessary loss of hair as it is rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, germanium and flavonoids. It helps to improve the blood circulation in the scalp.

Can improve vision : When the eyes are at their best, performance and concentration tend to improve in like manner. A healthy diet containing chives can help the eyes.

Help prevent cancer : Chives are very high in their vitamin, mineral and antioxidant levels, which are capable of preventing cancer. Chives contain anti-carcinogenic compounds that prevent the growth or spread of cancer to all parts of the body. Chives can be eaten raw and added into diet.

Improve digestion : Chives contain nutrients that enhance proper digestion in the body.

Improve sleep quality : Chives are well equipped to improve your sleep quality, thanks to the vitamins and phytochemicals which are present within it.

Promote Healthy Bones : Chives contain compounds that retain calcium in the bone and blood. Chives assist in the production of osteocalcin, that helps maintains mineral density required by bone to remain structurally strong and healthy. Regular consumption of chives can also help prevent osteoporosis, a structural disease affecting the bone matrix integrity.

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