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Transplanting for #LGW Project

These projects are made possible by the collective work of every OSKian. The OSK Growers have painstakingly propagate and care for the seedlings. The idea is the Homes get an 'almost' instant Edible Garden. Most of the seedlings are planted on small planter boxes to ensure that the rooting are strong and the plant ready for transplanting to the vegetable planter boxes on site.

So, we have prepared a simple how to video to facilitate the volunteers (OSK Planters) who will be doing the transplanting, and handle the plants with tender:

Here are the steps:

  1. Preparing the Bed by loosening the soil with a garden fork

  2. Remove the plants from its planter box by pulling the flaps at the side and place it on a bigger container. This makes it easier for you to loosen and pry the plants with its roots intact.

  3. Inspect the roots. If roots completely cover the soil, tease them gently apart. If they are concentrated too heavily at the bottom of the pot, loosen them thoroughly.

  4. Dig a hole with a trowel. Place the plant in a prepared hole. The plant should sit at soil level, or a little higher. Compact the soil around the plant with your hands.

  5. The Spacing between each plant depends on the species of vegetables being planted. So, make sure you check with the Person in Charge.

  6. Topping up soil. You should check that your plants are firmly placed, while topping up with a little bit of soil. (from the left over soil from the planter boxes)

  7. Water well. Watering will encourage the plant’s roots to grow into the soil. It also helps the plant settle firmly into its spot.

Special Notes

  1. Please do make sure you stack up all the Planter Boxes properly after Transplanting. These Planter Boxes can be reused.

  2. Sometimes, we may need to transplant from poly bags. The steps are similar, except you require a scissors to cut off the poly bag and make sure you clear up all empty poly bags into the designated "Recycle" bins.

  3. It is very IMPORTANT that the area you work in is clear of any debris, tools washed and kept in its place.

Each and every one of you is a fabric of OSK, working together to make a positive impact in the lives of the children at the homes. Thank you for your kindness and contribution.

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