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Thoughts precede all actions

As I was painting The Wise Watchful Owl, I'm reminded of how my thoughts define who I am. Every night, I reflect on how I feel each day, where my thoughts sometimes takes me to dark places, and how the environment and people impacted me. This empowers me to step up and reframe my thoughts and fuel me to take positive actions.

Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words;they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character; Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.

Ya, a cliche. But really there must be some truth before it turns into a cliche. Take a moment to reflect on the focus of your mind. What do you normally think of? What thoughts dominate your life? Start taking notice: because it has consequences.

Learn the language of your unconscious. Think positive-positive. So what does that mean?

Here’s some examples: 1. Instead of ‘debt-free’ go for ‘financial freedom’ 2. Instead of ‘I am trying to be happy’ go for ‘ I am happy and fulfilled’ 3. Instead of ‘I don’t want to be stupid’ go for ‘I am intelligent, clever and resourceful’

4. Instead of 'They are criticising and targeting me' go for 'They care enough to make me better'

1. The word: debt (presuppose u need to be in debt first) 2. The word: trying (means an attempt to) 3. The word: don’t (you have to think of being stupid before you don’t want it; for example: don’t think of a purple elephant; what are u thinking now?)

4. The word: Criticising (projected to put you down) An ability to accept constructive feedback is the key to success.

So, let's be aware and proactive in protecting our RAM space of our minds. <3

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