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Sweet Basil


aka great basil or Saint-Joseph's-wort


Propagate: cuttings , seedings

Light: sunny

Water: once a day

Soil: good drainage

Fertilizer: twice a month


Healthy Brain : Basil consumption is very helpful in preventing cognitive degradation. Basil contains minerals such as manganese, which is observed to increase the electronic transmitter activity in the brain. This activity is associated with mental reflexes. The herb also contains copper, which can help stimulate the mind – enhancing its functionality.

Managing Arthritis : Arthritis is a painful disease that often leads to physical disability. Basil has been found to contain beta-caryophyllene, as well. These are associated with effective pain-management. They are also anti-inflammatory chemicals helping soothe the burning sensation in your joints caused by arthritis.  A study conducted on rats showed that they were arthritis-free due to the use of basil in their diet.

Stress Management : Basil contains compounds such as adaptogens. These are compounds that help the body deal with both emotional and physical stress. Basil consumption will help the body maintain a balanced functionality even during stressful events. Ocimum Sanctum or holy basil helps reduce hormone levels as well as the corticosterone levels in the body.

Anti Aging Properties : It is found to be full of antioxidants. Free radical damage to both the skin and the brain can be a major player in looking and feeling old. The antioxidants in the herb will help reduce the effects of free radical cells and prevent the body and mind from enduring oxidative stress.

Strong Bones : Basil is an excellent source of vitamin K, it is extremely helpful in maintaining healthy bones. Vitamin K helps absorb calcium better.

Aids Metabolism : Basil is a good source of manganese, which helps the body release enzymes that are beneficial in metabolizing amino acids, cholesterol and carbohydrates. It also helps metabolize vitamins that are glucose related.

Post Menstrual Syndrome : Experiencing cramps, depression and fatigue is a of post menstrual syndrome. However, the manganese present in basil helps relieve these symptoms by balancing your hormones. This in turn helps reduce stress and fatigue.

Source of Energy : It contains copper, which is a vital producer of adenosine tri-phosphate. This is a compound that helps in eliminating the effects of fatigue and exhaustion. It is often recommended to use basil in smoothies to help keep the energy levels high.

Healthy Eyes : It contains beta-carotene. This is an essential compound that helps prevent muscle degeneration. Basil is also a good source of vitamin A and Ascorbic acids that is known to cure the dry eye syndrome and Stardgart’s disease.

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