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Soup Broth with Chinese Kohlrabi for Noodles

Soup Broth with Chinese Kohlrabi for Noodles

Soups are essential part of the Chinese cuisine. Most Chinese households have soups on a daily basis. This recipes is great for a variety of noodles - Mee Hoon, Tang Hoon, Pan Meen, Yellow Noddles, Kuay Teow, Egg Noddles, etc. For this recipe, we are using Pan Meen (which you can easily make and keep in storage)

Ingredients 1 big head preserved Chinese Kohlrabi(200g) 25 g anchovies (or more, depending on your preference) Few slices of ginger 5000ml water salt to taste

To make the Broth Rinse the salt off the Preserved Chinese kohlrabi with water.Boil the Preserved Chinese kohlrabi and dried anchovies in a stockpot with 5000ml  of water. Simmer for 1 hour. Season with salt .

Toppings: Preparation for other ingredients 1. Dried wood ear (aka Monkey's ears) 2. Minced meat (chicken) 3. Fried Anchovies