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Snake Weed

DARK BLUE SNAKE WEED aka Stachytarpheta cayennensis, ark blue snakeweed, blue porter weed, blue rat's tail, blue snake-weed , bluetop, rattail, Cayenne snakeweed, false verbena, nettleleaf velvetberry, nettleleaf vervain

there's also quite a few species of plant that shares the same name

There are different species under the genus Stachytarpheta that look more or less the same. These include S.cayennensis (Dark Blue Porterweed), S.indica, S.jamaicensis (Light Blue). The flowers of S.cayennensis are darker than the other two.


Propagate : seed or cuttings

Light : Sunny

Water : 1-2 times a day

Soil : good drainage

Fertilizer : weekly


Fever: Since the plantcontains several phytochemicals, it may possess several medicinal values. So far it has been common among traditional and folk medicines for curing different illnesses including fever and allergies.

Anti-inflammatory: One of its interests medicinally is that it is a source of salicyclic acid, whose uses besides those of being an anti-inflammatory, are now being explored in areas such as the treatment of colorectal cancer.

Several Latin American peoples recognize extracts of the plant as a treatment to ease the symptoms of malaria. The boiled juice or a tea made from the leaves or the whole plant is taken to relieve fever and other symptoms. It is also used for dysentery, pain, and liver disorders. A tea of the leaves is taken to help control diabetes in Peru and other areas.

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