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aka Origanum vulgare


Propagate : seedings , cuttings

Light : sunny

Water : once a day

Soil: good drainage

Fertilizer: twice a month


Helps with bone growth, maintaining bone density, and the production of blood clotting proteins : Just add dried oregano to diet.

cold sores , muscle pain , acne ,dandruff , bronchitis ,toothache , bloating,

headaches , heart conditions , allergies , intestinal parasites , ear ache , sore throat , fatigue , repelling insects , menstrual cramps : Can be consumed as a tea. Steep 3 teaspoons of fresh leaves or 1 teaspoon of dried leaves in 1 cup of boiling water for 5 to 10 minutes. Oregano tea can be somewhat bitter, but adding sugar or sweetener can counteract this.

Foot or nail fungus: Put a few drops fo oregano oil in water and soak the feet in it, or apply diluted oil topically to the affected area.

Sinus infections and colds: Use a few drops of oregano oil in a steam bath and inhale.

How to make oregano oil : Put your oregano leaves into a jar and then pour the oil of your choice over the leaves. Place the jar into hot water and allow it sit for 5-10 minutes. This process heats up the oil and allows the oregano to release its natural oils. Take the jar from the hot water and put it on a sunny windowsill for 1-2 weeks.

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