• Sant

Growing for #LGW Projects

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

LittleGreenWarriors projects are made possible by all the many gardeners aka OSK Growers who undertakes to propagate, nurture and grow the edibles. With each and every hand available on board, we have managed to provide an 'almost'' instant Edible Gardens to many Homes and Shelters.

What you need to get started:

Planter Box from 2Eco or Ninso - RM2.10 each

Organic Soil - 5 mix (available at OSK)

Netting / cloth 

Beddings - dry leaves (optional)

Here's a simple guide we have put together to help everyone gets started:

Step 1

Lay the nettings. You can use old rags or cloth instead of the nettings. This would really help during the transplanting at the Homes itself. (optional)

Step 2

Lay about 1 inch of dry leaves and twigs. Putting organic materials a beddings helps with the water drainage and the slow breakdown of these materials also provides a natural fertilisers. (optional)