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Growing for #LGW Projects

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

LittleGreenWarriors projects are made possible by all the many gardeners aka OSK Growers who undertakes to propagate, nurture and grow the edibles. With each and every hand available on board, we have managed to provide an 'almost'' instant Edible Gardens to many Homes and Shelters.

What you need to get started:

Planter Box from 2Eco or Ninso - RM2.10 each

Organic Soil - 5 mix (available at OSK)

Netting / cloth 

Beddings - dry leaves (optional)

Here's a simple guide we have put together to help everyone gets started:

Step 1

Lay the nettings. You can use old rags or cloth instead of the nettings. This would really help during the transplanting at the Homes itself. (optional)

Step 2

Lay about 1 inch of dry leaves and twigs. Putting organic materials a beddings helps with the water drainage and the slow breakdown of these materials also provides a natural fertilisers. (optional)

Step 3

Pour in the organic soil mix and gently pat to compact it. These produce would eventually feed the children, so we highly recommend that you use Organic Soil Mix. You can purchase them at OSK.

Step 4 

Use a stick and make hole to plant your cuttings. Make sure you compact the soil around the plant you've planted with TLC.

Step 5 - Voila!

Make sure you give your Planter Box a nice drench of sweet water. Remember to keep it out of direct sun and water daily. In 7 days or so, you can sprinkle some CricketPoo and top up some soil if necessary.

Step 6

It normally takes about 2-3 weeks for the rooting to be stable for transplanting. And for each project, we will keep you informed on when to start sending the Planter boxes to OSK. Please make sure its pest free.

Preparing the Cuttings Tips

  1. Prepare about 4-6inches of cuttings

  2. Cut off excess leaves. This is important as we want the plant to focus its energy in developing the roots.

  3. Make sure there's 2 nodes for rooting. Do cut the stem close to the last node as we don't want it to rot while it's trying to grow roots.

Types of Plants and Cuttings to plant

For each project, the requirements may be differ slightly, so before you start planting, do check with us. OSK does have cuttings to help you get started.

Simple General guideline for you:

Happy Growing Everyone!

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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