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Ginseng Jawa Moringa Omelette


8 to 10 Ginseng Jawa leaves (washed throughly)

1/4 cup moringa leaves (remove stalk)

4 eggs

Salt and pepper


1. Heat non stick frying pan

2. Add a few drops of oil

3. Slice the Ginseng Jawa leaves

4.Beat eggs and add salt and pepper and add the leaves and mix well

5. Fry omelette till cooked

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Jun 20, 2023

Perhaps I'll give them a shot one of these days. pou


Deckow Shane
Deckow Shane
May 31, 2023

My first time seeing this. Maybe I'll try them one day. A dish cannot be better for hot days like helix jump.


Dr Sheik Zubaili
Dr Sheik Zubaili
May 17, 2023

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