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Convenient Truths

Cleo, my cat
Always looking innocent, my Cleo

Justification is the manufacturing of Convenient Truths.

  • How many times, do we tell ourselves ‘stories’ so that we feel justified about what we do or not do?

  • How many times, do we hear ‘stories’ about unfulfilled promises?

  • How many times, do we tell ‘white lies’ to make others feel better?

  • How many times, do we shut our eyes,  shut our ears, shut our mouth, and shut our hearts to the truth?

  • How many times, do we distort, generalize and even delete our perception because it’s easier and more convenient?

  • Are we really ready for authentic and brutal truths?

Perhaps, it’s time for us to be aware of how we cope. Living a life, where we ‘cheat’, ‘lie’, and ‘fabricate stories’ to ourselves is the most disempowering thing we can do to ourselves.

Understanding the structure of how we interpret and weave our reality, empowers us to live a stress free life. Then, if and when we tell stories or have a need to justify - at least we know it’s convenient truth, and not authentic truth. Being totally accountable of our actions and results empowers us to take charge of our life and destiny.

Yes, there will be the ‘uncontrollable’ external factors at play in our lives. However, when we take accountability of our own attitude, perceptions and emotions, then we will be able to rise above our challenges and triumph.

With NLP technology, I am better able to see, hear, know and understand the structure of how we all operate so I am even more empowered to make changes and have more choices. Looking into the mirror, I embrace the person staring back at me.

So, are you really ready for Authentic Truth?

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