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The #LGW 2020 Project

Year 2020 has been especially hard on Orphanages and Shelters. Even due to the constraints and ensuring all SOPs and social distancing rules are adhered to, we manage to identify a home where we will focus all of our efforts in assisting them to get started on their edible garden. 

Collectively, the OSK Green Warriors are committed to help grow and nurture seedlings, gifting of plants and trees. We are indeed blessed with OSK Patrons who are enthusiastic gardeners and generous hearts. The OSK #LGW Projects are only made possible by OSK Green Warriors.  

Charis Home

Rumah Charis houses over 45 displaced children from all walks of life, by providing a safe haven for a wholesome childhood. The kids age ranges from babies to 18 years old.

#LGW will offer children the chance to get involved in growing food – a skill that will last them a lifetime. Gardening is a great way to get children involved, so they can develop an understanding of where fresh food comes from and an appreciation of just how delicious it can be. Edible Gardens can teach children the importance of caring for the environment and how nature works to feed us. 

The children will learn how to include a compost bin to show how old plants turn back into lovely, nutrient rich organic matter to feed the soil. As well as exercise, fresh air and fun there is the prospect of encouraging healthy eating by growing your own fresh produce. 

The home has a large plot of land which is abandoned that can be used to start their edible garden. The landscape and installation would allow the children to not only tend to the garden but to enjoy time in nature.

The Plan

The Plan:

  1. 10 vegetable planter boxes - 8’x3’ (with trellis and shades) 

  2. Compost Bins

  3. Garden Shed with tools 

  4. Chicken Coop

  5. Herb Corner using raised beds of bricks

  6. Planting of fruit trees around the area 

  7. Gravel walkways 

  8. Extension of the water piping

  9. Children’s play space

The current land area is full of stones and debris. So some extensive work needs to be done to clear out the area making it suitable for planting and a safe area for kids.

The Fund Raising

For this project, we require funds  to prepare the land, install a minimum of 10 vegetable bed planters, 2 large composting bins, a garden shed (for storage), gardening tools, chicken coop, etc. Our conservative estimates would be RM20,000. We seek anyone interested to organize fund raisings and/or contributions. Do WhatsApp us at 014-323-6213


Current Fund Raising Projects: 


  1. Paintings by OSK Patrons for online auctions by Kembara Kitchen

  2. Painting by Silver Rowen for sales

  3. Art Therapy Workshops by OSK

  4. Sponsor a Kid for the Gardening Workshops by Cindy Liew

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